Electronics Engineering Consultants
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Electronics Engineering Consultants

If you have any of the following requirements, Micrologic is available to discuss your needs.
Please contact us to allow us to help you decide if Micrologic is up to the challenge.

Customer Profiler

  • New idea
    • Faster time to market using existing design team and lab
    • More project experience than a startup team
    • Startup with no funds for an electronics department
    • Business plan does not require an engineering department after initial development
  • Outsource
    • Company does not want the hassle of managing another department
    • Removes requirement for electronics expertise from management team
    • May not require a full-time design/development team
    • Software/hardware/firmware to supplement internal capabilities
  • Redesign
    • Original product reaching end of life and requires rework
    • Components hard to find, manufacturing costs increasing
    • New capabilities required to match evolving market
  • Design Completion
    • In house design requiring outside expertise to finish
    • Original design team has moved on and project needs completion
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