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Micrologic Limited started business in the late 1970’s designing oceanographic and meteorological instrumentation for the Canadian arctic. We worked for companies like Panarctic, PetroCanada and Dome Petroleums with much of the work hands on under arctic conditions. There’s nothing like working with electronics at –40C to make you appreciate a good low temperature design.

As arctic exploration was winding down in Canada in the 1980’s, our work moved closer to home. Micrologic designed drill rig monitors, tubing pressure testers, and gas plant instrumentation. Given that our base of operations is in Calgary, it is no surprise that this next period included heavy involvement in the oil and gas industry though there was also the occasional agricultural and commercial product design as well.

In the late 1980’s, Micrologic began working on downhole instrumentation for the oil and gas industry. Electronic pressure and temperature recorders that operated at extended temperature ranges were a new field and one that was expanding quickly. Micrologic developed a range of products for this environment and became proficient at making electronics work at the high end of the temperature scale.

Our first introduction to aircraft systems came in the early 1990’s when we worked on airborne monitoring systems and a remote piloted airship. In line with remote technology we also developed a remote piloted submarine and an overhead power line robot. This period also saw Micrologic involved in military electronics and other systems requiring high reliability under rugged operating conditions.

The mid 1990’s brought us to the telecom industry and several golf related product designs. We worked on gas detection systems, vending machines and railway related products as well as various designs resulting in high volume manufacturing. Other designs included virtual reality, ozone generation, ignition system test hardware and ophthalmic instrument interfaces.

The dot-com boom of the late 90’s saw Micrologic involved in the design and development of a novel dual screen notebook design, GPS tracking systems, more aircraft electronics and utility power system monitoring in addition to the ever-present oil and gas electronics. We got into groundwater monitoring, GPS camera interfaces and electronics for ever higher downhole temperatures.

The turn of the century did not cause global disaster. Micrologic continued developing innovative products including industrial battery chargers, control system for the motor coach industry, medical system monitors and timers, and a number of commercial products. More recently we have been involved in pipeline electronics, compressor controllers, vehicle tracking systems, wireless work dispatch units and alarm system interfaces. Micrologic continues to gain expertise in new fields that is applied to current and future projects to enhance the performance, operation and reliability of new designs.

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