Electronics Engineering Consultants

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Electronics Engineering Consultants

Micrologic designs and develops electronic products, devices and systems based on the ideas and requirements brought to us by you, our customer.

We do complete system design including PC software design, hardware design, firmware design and all of the subsequent development work required to turn these designs into a finished product you can sell or incorporate into your business.

Business Advantage

Our only business is the design and development of our customer's product. This is not a sideline - we do not have any products of our own to distract us from our consulting work.

We have had 30 years of growth and experience in the electronics industry. We keep current with the state of electronics and apply the best available technology to each project. Our employees have the necessary tools at their disposal and know how to use them. Advances in hardware and software technologies are continually monitored to determine where we can better ourselves and therefore our customer's designs.

Partnership Atmosphere

Micrologic believes that a close, mutually beneficial partnership with our clients ensures the success and integrity of each project.

Electronics Engineering Consultants
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