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Electronics Engineering Consultants

Design Services

Micrologic Limited staff and facilities stand ready to begin your design and will start by outlining the design parameters and requirements with you. We then compartmentalize the design and carefully select the components necessary to implement each subsystem. Design documents are prepared and reviewed with the client before we start the actual development work in order to ensure that we are still meeting the design parameters and requirements initially set out. These design documents are revised and reviewed as the project progresses.

Hardware Design

The components are selected based on the specific requirements of the project and the hardware design is begun in the form of schematic diagrams. These diagrams will be revised several times before the development is complete in order to make sure all of the design requirements are met.

In the development phase, these schematics are converted to physical form as a printed circuit board layout that will contain the components necessary to implement the design. Micrologic has many years of experience with these tools and is able call on this experience to produce an efficient layout in a reasonable time frame.

Firmware Design

Firmware is the software component of an embedded system, controlling the microprocessor contained on your printed circuit board. We have many tools available to us depending on the particular microprocessor chosen and our code is written in a high-level language that simplifies debugging and maintenance.

Software Design

Many designs require connection to a PC or laptop to initialize the system or gather data from it when its task is complete. Our software department has many years of experience developing the necessary interfaces to allow you to operate your equipment in a simple, efficient manner. In addition we can supply data base creation, data analysis and presentation software tailored to your requirements.

Turnkey Solution

Micrologic can arrange for a complete turnkey package including final manufacturing of your product. We work closely with local and overseas manufacturers in order to be able to suggest alternatives that meet your production requirements.

Product Revisions

All products eventually require revisions as the result of component obsolescence, changing requirements or the desire for additional features. Micrologic is ready and able to take your product, whether it was originally designed here or not, and make these changes in order to keep your business competitive.

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